Dresses for Sale

Notre Dame Figure Skating is selling gently used dresses. Each style includes a full set of collegiate sized dresses. Click on image to zoom in on dress. If you are interested in any style, please email ndfsc@nd.edu for more details.



Style: Purple & Black

Manufacturer: The Line Up

Ombre dye sublimation from purple to hibiscus
Black mesh fills in the deep neckline and continues on arms
Double layer hibiscus mesh skirt
Rhinestones applied on black mesh and ombre bodice

Sizes (16 total): 
5 Small; 7 Medium; 3 Large; 1 Extra Large

$150 each



Style: Blue Suit

Manufacturer: BuggieWear

Turquoise color lycra with accents in holographic black lycra
"Buttons" are flat fabric sewn down
Skirt is one layer of lycra

17 Total Dresses

$75 each



Style: Black with Multi-color

Manufacturer: The Line Up

Black tricot material
Ribbons in red, blue, green and gold "myst" material wrap around bodice
Nude mesh creates illusion of strapless dress
Narrow strips of "ribbons" flow from waist
Skirt is double layer of black mesh

Sizes (18 total):
1 Small; 5 Medium; 9 Large; 2 Extra Large; 1 XXLarge

$80 each



Style: Black and Blue

Manufacturer: BuggieWear

Blue lycra topped with flocked mesh
Nude mesh creates illusion of strapless dress
Double layer skirt. Black lycra top layer with blue mesh under layer

Sizes (17 total):
4 Extra Small; 6 Small; 6 Medium; 1 Large

$80 each



Style: Multi-color, Pink and Green

Manufacturer: BuggieWear

Multi-color lycra halter top with yellow empire waist band
Skirt is double layer mesh. Pink mesh top layer with green mesh under layer

Sizes (16 total):
1 Extra Small; 9 Small; 5 Medium; 1 Large

$75 each



Style: Orange

Manufacturer: BuggieWear

Orange lycra dress with "slick" finish
Black front zipper
Collar with wire stiffener
Asymmetrical lycra skirt with slit
Chain around waist is fabric and attached with safety pins for easy removal
Cuffs created with silver lycra
Black and white striped sports bra completes the look

$80 each



Style: White

Manufacturer: BuggieWear

White halter with fabric slightly gathered at chest
Holographic pink material wraps around dress and continues to flow down skirt
Skirt is double layer white

Sizes (17 total):
9 Extra Small; 5 Small; 3 Medium

$75 each



Style: Black, Purple & Red

Manufacturer: Buggie Wear

Black halter with "pleather" material
Buckle on collar
Mesh fabric on bodice is airbrushed from purple to red
Airbrushed rose on right hip
Skirt is three layers. Top layer is jagged cut mesh. Middle layer is silver with purple tip. Bottom layer is solid black.
Red laces on deep v back

Sizes (15 total):
2 Extra Small; 7 Small; 2 Medium; 4 Large

$80 each



Style:Navy Practice

Manfacturer: Del Arbour

Navy lycra with white piping on bodice and neckline
Skirt is single layer of navy lycra

Sizes (17 total):
1 4/6; 6 8-10; 4 12/14; 6 16/18
please note that these dresses appear to run small

$50 each



Style: Red, White and Blue

Manufacturer: Del Arbour

Navy lycra dress with U-shape neck front and back
Fitted vest look with red laced front
Gathered white blouse insert
Short cap sleeve
Skirt is single layer of navy lycra

Sizes (14 total):
1 4/6; 2 8/10; 6 12/14; 5 16/18
please note that these dresses appear to run small

$80 each